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play based learning

Play at Glenavon is child led and centered, we encourage students to explore and use their imaginations. Play happens in class and Papa pīpī pao pao (our outdoor learning space).


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pao pao

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physical play

where children are building co-ordination, balance and gross motor skills.

constructive play

where children are producing something from their imagination. This may be blocks, craft, or language play with words and sounds. Underlying it all is social play; when students engage in play with others, we learn to manage our behaviour, co-construct rules, co-operate and see another’s view.

imaginative play

where children make sense of the world by pulling it apart and reconstructing it. This forms the basis for executive functioning, a higher order cognitive skill.

We believe that play is self chosen and directed, process rather than product driven, involves rules designed by the players, is imaginative, non-literal and removed from reality and that children need to be non stressed to engage in play.

to extend learning through play

we use a notice, recognise and respond model. We notice what play the child is engaged in. Recognise how this fits into our curriculum and respond by creating opportunities and resources to extend the learning.

why do we value play?

We know that children learn best through play; they are able to practice, process and make sense of the world around them. In our junior classrooms we ensure opportunities for all types of play to allow our students to express themselves and explore the curriculum. Play fits into all areas of the curriculum but is especially strong at building key competencies and oral language.

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