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visual art @ glenavon

Glenavon students are all artists.  Here we teach our students that their Visual art should reflect them; their style, and the unique lens in which they see the world through. Visual art is seen as an important part of our learning at Glenavon. Integrated into almost every other curriculum area, our students get the chance to explore an enormous range of art mediums and learn about artists as models. Art is showcased continuously in individual classrooms, and each year at our annual Art Expo. Walking around our school you will see demonstrations of sculpture and painting as collaborative work. Students are encouraged to not only express their individuality through visual art, but to collaborate and work together to express universal ideas.

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the arts process

we created and developed this process as a team. we use this process to direct and guide our arts teaching, both in our own classes and in our specialist art classes

Music @ glenavon

Music is valued, inspiring and an essential  part of the Glenavon school culture. At Glenavon we value the part that music plays in well-being, expression, and unity. The traditional school bell is replaced by different songs each week; some chosen to reflect what children currently love, or to reflect a specific celebration within Aotearoa.

Our school band gives students the chance to develop performance skills, as well as learn fundamentals of playing together in a group. Alongside this our students are given the chance to learn the piano, guitar, ukulele, saxophone and flute with our own tutors once a week.

Our in school Music Teacher teaches the choir, and provides professional development for teachers wanting to integrate more music into their classroom programme. Singing assemblies give our students the opportunity to practise waiata from a variety of cultures, and to put music to movement - a connection that is valued highly at Glenavon.  Our school students are music makers, and we regularly encourage children to develop their musical ideas. Our 2020 “Voices of the Glen” album  is just an example of how musical creativity is valued.

dance @ glenavon

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Glenavon is full of motivated and passionate dancers. At our school, children are given multiple opportunities throughout the year to learn dances, dance performance elements and a variety of movement styles in response to different stimuli. 


Throughout the year our children have the chance to attend Bollywood dance classes, and to be coached and trained to perform dances from various genres at our annual Talent Show. Our Cultural Carnival comes alive with magical dance performances showcasing the incredible diversity of cultures represented by our students. We are fortunate enough to have a staff team that is confident and inspired to use movement in the classroom.

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